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Magician of Meta, a software development company, has proven itself in the financial software, payment systems, blockchain technologies and gaming industry...

We are a company that has combined its experience in
financial software with blockchain technology.

We are experienced in programming payment systems and related payment recording devices.

  • Blockchain & Metaverse Technologies

    Blockchain Technologies and Software, Metaverse Technologies and Design, Game Technologies and Game Design, Digital Advertising

  • Payment systems suitable for different country regulations

    Payment Systems, Mobile Wallet Applications and Payment Recorder Device Integrations, Fintech Applications and Consultancy

  • BtcOley Crypto Currency Market

    Our institution has signed a Business Pro Limit Account agreement with Kraken, one of the world's leading crypto asset service providers. In Turkey, the highest level agreement in agreements with Kraken belongs to our institution. Kraken is America's #1 and World's #4 Crypto Asset Service Provider. As a result of the agreement we made with Kraken, our stock market has the following features and aims to become the leader in Turkey thanks to these features.

  • Game Industry

    The video game industry is an economic sector concerned with video game development, marketing and sales. The video game industry spans many business disciplines and employs thousands of people around the world.

Solidity 100%
GoLang 97%
React 98%
Python 94%
Javascript 100%
MongoDB 100%

Financial Software

Combination of hi-tech and finance.
Finance is everywhere. Finance is not Finance

Blockchain Software

Blockchain is not just about crypto currencies! Blockchain is Database and everthing!

Payment Systems

The smartest way to pay. Trend is new World.
Trend is future generation


It is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet, supporting persistent online 3D virtual environments via virtual and augmented reality devices alongside traditional personal computers.

Game Industry

Make your gaming time valuable with new world games and enhanced visual themes.


Security is everything. Insecure systems do not reassure their customers.

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